Thursday, June 5, 2008

TVD's Weekend Shots

No, TVD readers, it's not an early weekend bender. Your eyes aren't deceiving you...yes, it's your Weekend Shots quite early in the morning. It's because, well...(come in, come in closer...see, um)'s my first blog birthday on Saturday. Not THE birthday of the blog (although that looms) it's well, mine! And I'm calling in sick tomorrow...(*cough -- hack!*) Or taking a vacation day - whichever gives me more vacation days in the future. (Note to TVD HR.)

So, if you would, come take a swim in Lake Me. These ten tracks, for whatever reason all spent some time embedded in the cranium for some portion of the first half of '08 and have become my birthday mixtape. Please download all 10 together and play in order. Loud. Like I will this weekend.

(Fast note about the Nick Gilder track that kicks off this 10...I have played this tune NONSTOP all year. I don't know what it is. There's something that just kills's dated, sure...but dammit, man...where's the band ripping this sound off? Straight up the center - no mathrock time changes - just eager and angst. It's simple really. But this is a lousy Mp3 conversion that I found on the net...I'll get to an official one next week...think of it as if coming through your AM radio. Together we'll work on the harmonies on the chorus part..." we're sharing...!")

See ya Monday!

Nick Gilder - We'll Work It Out (Mp3)
Todd Rundgren - Couldn't I Just Tell You? (Mp3)
The Sound - Under You (Live) (Mp3)
The Comsat Angels - Independence Day (Mp3)
MGMT - Electric Feel (Mp3)
Sniff 'n The Tears - Driver's Seat (Mp3)
Guillemots - Get Over It (Mp3)
Stereophonics - Dakota (Mp3)
Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone (Mp3)
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes - I Don't Want to Go Home (Mp3)


Uncle E said...

Nerd that I am, I actually dedicated an entire blog entry to "Drivers Seat". One of the all time greatest one hit wonders!!

Davy H said...

Hey! Happy Birthday for Sat! Missed this last night because I was up the pub. Yay!

The Vinyl District said...

"Early start", hmm?

Thanks Davy!

SG said...

happy (almost) birthday kiddo!

Mick said...

It's Saturday here now, so happy birthday and thanks for the tunes.

Simon said...

Happy birthday! Have a good one!

marmiteboy said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for the Sniff 'n' The Tears track. it was a fav of mine way back when and I haven't heard it for years.

The Vinyl District said...

Thanks everyone...truly appreciated!

Urban Gypsy said...

Happy birthday! You're a hero and an inspiration and also a saint!

ib said...

Overjoyed, Vinyl District, to see Sniff 'n' the Tears up there. I've linked to you on the sidebar to SibLINGSHOT. check it out, bro ; you now know where I am.