Thursday, June 5, 2008

TVD Recommends | Sad Summer Shows

The Sad Crocodile residency at Galaxy Hut has triumphantly wrapped up but DC's favorite mopesters still have a few shows coming up and then a little (recording) break planned. Both will continue the proud tradition of pairing themselves with some of the most exciting musicmakers out there.

Sunday June 15th at the Red and the Black bringing a big slice of the NYC Popfest right to you in DC with the always amazing Tullycraft, From Bubblegum to Sky, DC's beloved Sprites and going on early is Sad Crocodile, so don't be late!!!!! "Jason from Sprites wanted to set something up the day after the bands play New York and I know some of the Tullycraft gang so how could we resist. We will start things off with complicated adult issues and then the other folks will blast out about video games and vampires surrounding them with pop hooks up the wazoo," says Sad Crocodile's John Foster.

Thursday July 10th at DC9 will feature a special night with three of DC's most exciting songwriters performing their very different compositions in a unique sequence. (That is long as all get out - what I am saying is don't miss a second and it won't be the usual set sequence type of night.) Sam Simkoff (of Le Loup), Martin Royle and Sad Crocodile will rotate short sets throughout the night and the potential is there for a transcendent evening or a complete trainwreck. "Not to be forgotten either way!" laughs Foster. "I had planned both Sam and Marty for the residency but the dates ended up not working as they had tours that ripped them away (Sam to Europe and Marty to Kentucky haha.) I sat over a drink with Marty hoping to set up a make-up show and we talked about this rotating presentation idea he had tried once before. We both only had one person we wanted to do it with and Sam was game. I can't wait."


branie said...

That Tullycraft, Sprites, From Bubblegum to Sky & Sad Crocodile show is going to rawk! I am so excited for this show!

Dumbek said...

I went to Marty's other "rotating presentation" thing at the Black Cat Backstage last year. It was him, the guy from The Dance Party and one guy from Middle Distance Runner. It was tons of fun, with various people sitting-in and playing together. I'll definitely try to make this one.