Thursday, June 19, 2008

TVD | Friday @ Random

From a wine-infused, pre-birthday ramble two weeks back on the blog, "Fast note about the Nick Gilder track that kicks off this 10...I have played this tune NONSTOP all year. I don't know what it is. There's something that just kills's dated, sure...but dammit, man...where's the band ripping this sound off? Straight up the center - no mathrock time changes - just eager and angst. It's simple really. But this is a lousy Mp3 conversion that I found on the net...I'll get to an official one next week...think of it as if coming through your AM radio. Together we'll work on the harmonies on the chorus part..." we're sharing...!" So, you've had two weeks...ready to sing the harmonies on the chorus all 70's like? | I'm hoping a few of you haven't made any plans yet for next weekend. Not to let the cat out of the bag prematurely, but we have some pretty cool ticket packages to give away next week. See ya then, huh?

Nick Gilder - We'll Work It Out (Mp3)
Nick Gilder - (She's) One Of The Boys (Mp3)
Nick Gilder - All Because Of Love (Mp3)
Nick Gilder - Hot Child In The City (LP Version) (Mp3)
Nick Gilder - Here Comes The Night (Mp3)


Jimbromski said...

ooh, Datarock, I'm going to that one

The Vinyl District said...

You're not alone...