Friday, May 30, 2008

TVD's Weekend Shots

Ten tracks found within the import section from the years when I toiled at the aforementioned Record World in the Seaview Square Mall in Ocean, NJ. See ya' at the food court.

Robert Wyatt - The Wind Of Change (Mp3)
Love & Rockets - Ball Of Confusion (Mp3)
The Fall - Cruiser's Creek (Mp3)
Billy Bragg - New England (Mp3)
Woodentops - It Will Come (Mp3)
Red Guitars - Be With Me (Mp3)
The Men They Couldn't Hang - Ironmasters (Mp3)
Blue Aeroplanes - Action Paintings (Mp3)
The Loft - Up The Hill And Down The Slope (Mp3)
Rain Parade - You Are My Rriend (Mp3)


IntangibleArts said...

Holy crap, that Woodentops tune just brought back the whole Friday night ritual in the 80s, watching endless hours of videos on Night Flight ... god, that was essential viewing.

The Vinyl District said...

Sure was...I recall Night Flight! Happy to be of service!

Davy H said...

OK Jon, it's gonna be The Loft for me...fab song. BilL Prince the bass player ended up as a sub-editor at the NME don'cha know...I'm sure I had this LP but I reckon that BEATCH of a girlfriend I lived with at the time half-inched it. BAH!

The Vinyl District said...

Well, I'm glad I hit another nerve this week, Davy.

And say, ...isn't it about that time?

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard Rain Parade in quite some time. I think I've got this on cassette somewhere. Thanks!

Uncle E said...

Wow, the Woodentops! I thought they were a great band. They were kind of in the same vein as The Jazz Butcher to me, one of my all time favs. Thanks for the reminder!

Dumbek said...

I kicked-off quite a few mix-tapes with "Cruiser's Creek", back in the day.

John Foster said...

Pretty much all winners but a few real faves with Bragg, L+R, Loft and Rain parade and especially The Woodentops. I covered them in my column at byt two weeks back. Still amazing.

The Vinyl District said...

You could say you inspired me on that one, John...saw the cover review..