Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Submarines and TVD. Now, that's a night out...

...and we're giving away two FREE tickets...

Spin said: L.A. couple's garage pop mishmash sounds like Nina from the Cardigans singing karaoke atop your favorite '80s and '90s vinyl. Blake Hazard's button-cute voice is the duo's favorite weapon, whether layered atop xylophones and electric piano on "Swimming Pool" or Morcheeba-esque, dubbed-out trip hop on "1940."

Pop Culture Madness said: "Honeysuckle Weeks" is a glorious collage of the duo's wide-ranging influences, from old-school dub (most evident in tracks like "1940" and "Fern Beard") to intricately layered electronica (as in the psychedelic-classical "Submarine Symphonika" and "The Thorny Thicket") to vintage pop (as on "Swimming Pool" and the Santaria-inspired "Xavia").

Upon the success of Declare A New State!, which Filter described as "beautiful, sparkling tunes immersed in optimism, yet never lacking depth" and LA Weekly called "remarkable... soul-baring lyrics set to buzzy, hooky indie-pop." The Submarines spent most of 2006 on the road in the US and Europe as both headliners and support for bands like Ladytron, Nouvelle Vague, El Perro del Mar and more. Along with multiple television syncs, the band was asked to record a version of "Little Boxes," the theme song to the Showtime Emmy-nominated series Weeds, in the shows second season. The year culminated when Ryan Murphy. creator of the FX hit series nip/tuck, discovered The Submarines while listening to NPR on KCRW in Los Angeles. He approached the band about featuring the track "Brighter Discontent" in a pivotal scene in the season four finale where cast members lip-synched to the song in its entirety; the scene has since been the subject of some well-traveled nip/tuck fan renditions! on YouTube.

We say: We've got two tickets for The Submarines this Sunday night (6/1) at the Black Cat! Express your fondest desire to go in the comments section, and perhaps your wishes shall ring true. We'll choose a winner by Noon on Friday.

The Submarines - You, Me, & The Bourgeoise (Mp3)

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JC said...

I would travel through the thorny thicket with just you, me and the bourgeoise, to hear a submarine symphonika from 1940 or the wake up song that makes my swimming pool bubble like champagne-maybe beer-the kind of music that is rare as the name Xavia or the fern beard growing in the shade of my garden even in the brightest hour. That's how much I desire to see this amazing band perform at the Black Cat on Sunday night.

Jon said...

Note to Submarineophiles: please supply contact info. Thanks!

JC said...

Contact info supplied.