Thursday, March 13, 2008

DC's DJ Hut Launches Online Music Store

We've long felt that preserving the vinyl medium depends on a strong marriage of the traditional format with new media, so we were happy to see this press release from DC's DJ Hut in our mailbox this morning with the header “Preserving While Progressing". (And after two fires that forced the brick-and-mortar store to close for periods of time, this move makes clear sense.) TVD wishes Sina and the rest of the crew at DJ Hut (where we bought our Stanton turntable!) all the best as they promote the sale of fresh vinyl along with their new on-line media presence.

“Preserving While Progressing”
For several years now DJ Hut has been Washington DC’s primary outlet for vinyl records. And now after two years of research and creation of a digital business model, DJ Hut has brought to fruition one of its major goals by pushing forward in the new music industry. DJ Hut will no longer be known just for vinyl, as they have now launched an online digital music shop. The website is extremely user-friendly with an impressive search engine and browsing features which allow users to find and sort music by genre, label, artist, song title or release date. The new online shop is fully functional and currently offers MP3 downloads in 320-bit rate. However, expect improved features and a substantially larger catalog to be available in the immediate future as major deals are underway with digital distributors and labels.

DJ Hut is in the first phase of launching the site and wants to interact with its customers and the industry at large to get feedback. DJ Hut wants to hear suggestions and comments on how to improve the site. They know there are always more ways to tailor the digital shop to the specific needs of digital DJs and music lovers. So please send them an email at after your visit. DJ Hut is committed to “preserving while progressing” and will always stay on top of new developments in technology and the music industry. The vision of DJ Hut, independently owned and operated since 2002, is to provide DJs with cutting edge music and support to make their careers thrive.

DJ Hut Digital Music Shop is online at

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