Friday, October 19, 2007

TVD's Weekend Shots

Man, was I ever addicted to the build 'em up, knock 'em down stylings of the UK's now defunct Melody Maker newspaper. That's the way things happen, the music weekly seemed to infer: it's already going ON by the time you even NOTICE IT. And to underscore that notion, they'd slap a CD onto the cover to confirm that idea.

I moved recently and came across a box of these CDs from the 90's -- Melody Maker give-aways along with other CDs from other pubs that picked up on the schilling process. "A great idea for the blog" I thought, "I'm sure there are a TON of forgotten gems on these things."

Er, ...well. Nope. (Kenickie, anyone? Llama Farmers? Daytona? Ooberman? Seafood? Ten Benson? ...didn't think so.)

I had hope for a "Maker's Dozen" -- being pithy and whatnot -- but I struggled to find TEN tracks I thought held up less than ten years on. So the slant for this round of Weekend Shots went from, "Wow - wasn't the Maker so astute" to "Sheez...utter shite."

Yet, here's a crap free 1o-rounda' shots. How'd I do?

The Crockets - Blusterboy (Mp3)
Supergrass - Cheapskate (Mp3)
The Divine Comedy - Commuter Love (Mp3)
Arab Strap - Here We Go (Mp3)
Whistler - If I Give You A Smile (Mp3)
Stereophonics - Last Of The Big Time Drinkers (Mp3)
Warm Jets - Never Never (Mp3)
Annie Christian - Nothing Is Real (Mp3)
Terrorvision - Tequila (Mp3)
Silver Sun - Would've If I Could've (Mp3)


Davy H said...

All cool people read the NME ; )


Yep - it's the only one left...

Drencrom Velocet said...

There is nothing wrong with Seafood or Ooberman, both quality bands to this day!!

shamus said...

gotta bunch of the old vinyl 7" giveaways from NME and MM... some interesting stuff on there from a U2 Wire remix to a very odd version of Ivo by the Cocteau Twins. Of course you rightly point out that there are also songs by Steinski and the Mass Media- huh?