Friday, October 19, 2007

TVD's Morning Wax

Liverpool's It's Immaterial actually had a follow up to 1985's "Life's Hard and Then You Die" which very few (Wikipedia included) seem to be aware of. Released in 1990 and entitled "Song", Trouser Press noted, "an ironic title for an album that's more a collection of stories put to music than actual songs. (There's not a chorus anywhere to be found.) Whitehead's tracks — flowing, repetitive patterns, mainly based around piano — function as a soundtrack for Campbell's lyrics, which he both sings and speaks..." Far more somber and introspective than "Life's Hard..." and at times sounding like an early 90's Arab Strap, the wistfulness speaks to this colorless DC morning as storms approach...

It's Immaterial - New Brighton (Mp3)
It's Immaterial - An Ordinary Life (Mp3)
It's Immaterial - Heaven Knows (Mp3)
It's Immaterial - Homecoming (Mp3)
It's Immaterial - Summer Winds (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

This album is getting a re-release on Cherry Red Records April 2009

JON said...

Have a link or info?