Friday, December 10, 2010

SUNDAY! TVD Recommends | Funbags, The Official Pharmacy Bar Holiday Party

If there's one thing we're big fans of here at TVD, it's FUNBAGS. (Breasts are pretty cool too.)

Video Credit: Rory Sheridan of Rattler

Official Pharmacy Bar Holiday Party featuring DJ JENNDER + DJ DU JOUR is erupting in Adams Morgan, Sunday, December 12th. If you havn't been to a FUNBAGS party yet, expect a rock and roll beer adventure: Garage/Bubblegum/Punk/Glam is their steez—and it is fun as hell.

Spiked egg nog, raffles, sweets and a photo booth featuring a dirty Santa Claus' lap to sit on. Pharmacy bar has recently revamped their beer list and is now offering delicious food. Entry is free, and event starts at 8pm.


Unknown said...

awesome pic. well done, meyers!

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