Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TVD Holiday Takeover Vinyl Giveaway | The Superions' "Destination... Christmas!"

While The Superions are introducing you guys to a bunch of holiday favorites from other artists this week, they thought it best that we give you an opportunity to snag their brand new "Destination... Christmas!"

Autographed! On vinyl!

And we couldn't agree more.

Thus, we've got something special for beneath your tree or next to your menorah.

Enter to win The Superions' "Destination ...Christmas! by submitting a comment to this post with your funniest holiday memory. Or with your most outrageous holiday memory. Or the raunchiest recollection - we don't care.

Make it good and capture our attention and we'll select the winner for the autographed LP one week from today, 12/14. Remember to leave us a contact email address!


Anonymous said...

My funniest memory--at least recently--was including the tune "I Farted on Santa's Lap, Now Xmas Is Gonna Stink For Me" on my annual Xmas mix CD a few years ago, and quickly getting crap from the parents (my friends who have turned into parents, I mean) who I sent it to. Needless to say, I was a big hit with the children of these parents, even if they played "the fart song" all through that Xmas season...

tensacross said...

my raunchiest christmas memory is that time i gave birth.. didnt even make sense! i was still a virgin :/! happy birthday to ma lil' jeezy!

lookin4you2xist said...

Would make my Holiday! I have a perfect spot on the wall . Cheers!

Anonymous said...

The day of Christmas of two years ago I was very drunk after a Christmas Eve party but I didn't think a thing... "OMG next day I have to go to Christmas lunch with parents". When I arrived to my grandfather house...I remember like it be now... my small cousin runs to me for says her greetings to me and in that moment I needed to vomit.
I ran to the garden and I made me free.
Don't you image the face of her...
I slept all day in the chair.

Anyhow... best fruitcake to everyone,I love Destination... Christmas!


Recordsrob said...

This would be the best Christmas gift for my turntable and would rock my season. I lost my dad a few months ago and am having a time dealing with it. I want to make this the best Christmas ever, in his memory. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

roland said...

I remember Divine madly shouting at her parents and ruining the Christmas tree by shoving her mother into the tree because she didn't get "Cha-Cha" heels for her Xmas present in the Waters' film Female Trouble.
Meanwhile.. at our house one year the tree was not secure in its stand and it fell over while it was fully decorated smashing most of the decorations. All the children were crestfallen. In later years the cat used to sleep/hide in the tree and also used the low hanging balls as his personal toys to bat about!

Anonymous said...

It was just over 10 years ago - I gave all my material possessions away!
I was going through a divorce and my wife took all the $ we had left and fled to Northern Africa. This was really as I relief since I hated that bitch!LOL I ended up having a nervous break down and ended up penny-less and admitted in to a psychiatric hospital where I was promptly immobilized of feelings by taking alot of medication. I ended up on the mood disorder floor called "Whitney 3" which I decided would be my new band name once I was able to fly the nest. After we took the short bus on Christmas Eve with the name of the Instituion clearly marked in large letters, we continued on out merry way to the bowling alley. That evening we had Turkey with all the fixings while some patients through cranberry sauce all over our dinner area. What a waste of Cranberry sauce! I had a shower and was attacked in the nude by a big guy named Fred who was just trying to make friends I was told. We watched a really bad Christmas Movie and at 10 PM sharp we took our night meds. As the meds kicked in I held onto the wall trying to get to my room before I lost consciousness. I made into my bed and as I faded away to drool the night away I could hear my roomate pleasuring himself. Gross! Thank God he was behind a rubber curtain. Merry Christmas to one and all! Fruitcake anyone!

Anonymous said...

And the winner is?

Sorry... but I love The Superions :)

Jon said...

The first person to forward us your email address (per the rules...ahem...) wins the LP. GO!