Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TVD's ROIR Records Seven Day Vinyl Giveaway Event

Our Seven Days of ROIR Records Vinyl Giveaways continues today with MC5's "Babes in Arms" on limited edition, white vinyl!

Almost fifteen years ago, ROIR, then a cassette-only company, released “Babes in Arms.” Wayne Kramer, guitarist and spokesperson for the band, put together a collection of tracks from his private tapes, consisting of rare out-takes, mixes, remixes, uncensored and experimental works in progress, and rehearsal tapes—all privately recorded during the years 1966-1971.

The cassette “Babes in Arms” was acclaimed critically and commercially. It became one of ROIR’s best sellers. For many years, ROIR has been asked to make an LP version. So, giving in to the demands of the public, ROIR has released “Babes in Arms” on white vinyl.

The rules for our seven days of ROIR giveaways are simple—tell us your ROIR story or sell us on why a particular LP should be yours in the comments to this post and the most compelling to any degree will find the record in his or her mailbox in time for the holidays. (Please note - we can only ship within the US.)

We'll close
all seven contests on Monday, November 29 and remember to leave us your email/contact info—important!—so we can notify winners!

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