Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TVD's ROIR Records Seven Day Vinyl Giveaway Event

As promised yesterday, our Seven Days of ROIR Records Vinyl Giveaways continues today with the debut, self-titled Bad Brains release, or "the best punk/hardcore album of all time." If you're to trust Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch, that is. (To which I'm inclined.)

"No album has ever been such an aural punisher - so blistering, so ashen. Nothing ever will again. Holy F***!"
—Big Takeover

"...they have inspired or influenced everyone from The Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Living Color and Jane’s Addiction. But upon re-listening to this glorious hardcore/punk masterpiece, it quickly became evident that not one of the many pretenders to the throne have even come close to matching Brains’ blisteringly majestic style.”

"Where dreadlocked superheroes Bad Brains went, a thousand punk and metal wannabes followed. And what better album to tell you why these militant rockers were so powerful than this, their eponymous classic from 1982? Sell your Green Day records and buy this, kids."

—Vox (UK)

"Bad Brains were the band who taught the world how to play fast....this re-released 1982 masterpiece shows exactly why this is a band who could pull thousands of people to their shows when no one in the mainstream even knew they existed. Quite brilliant."
—Select (UK)

The rules for our seven days of ROIR giveaways are simple—tell us your ROIR story or sell us on why a particular LP should be yours in the comments to this post and the most compelling to any degree will find the record in his or her mailbox in time for the holidays. (Please note - we can only ship within the US.)

We'll close
all seven contests on Monday, November 29 and remember to leave us your email/contact info—important!—so we can notify winners!

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