Thursday, November 18, 2010

TVD's Obscure Alternatives

It's our Thursday flashback, culled from the rare and ultra-obscure (and often bizarre) crates of 80’s vinyl, curated by our pal Gil:

The Ninth – Planet Love LP

This indie group of five from just right outside of Washington, DC was formed in the early 80's and were together until the late 80's. They sound at times like a more edgy B-52s type formula with periods of campy lyrics and offbeat quirky arrangements. They also get serious at times and crank off some synth wave boogie a la the title song (hear below in the download.)

The group was founded and led by the eccentric David Van Ninth, who was very active in the DC indie music and club scene. There are both female and male vocals on this twelve song full length platter.

This was to be the group’s only album. A private pressing via Elysium Records, Washington DC. It’s a collection of loose and fun new wave with plenty of variety to keep the listener attentive and wanting more….check out some songs below:

The Ninth - My Baby's Got A Bomb (Mp3)
The Ninth - Planet Love (Mp3)
The Ninth - Proud To Be A Human (Mp3)

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