Friday, November 19, 2010

TVD's Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

These last few days have been very busy. As the week wore on I didn’t have a clue where my inspiration would come from for this week’s Idelic Hour. It’s often hearing a random song that provides the
spark” for many of my shows. I refer to these welcome songs as “friends” who guide me into a playlist.

Friend is a loaded word. Certainly for many of us the meaning of a friend has been highlighted by experiencing Facebook. Maybe some of us now appreciate or question what our friendships are a tiny bit more? I don’t know? Most of the time I use the term loosely and with ease. Sometimes on the Idelic Hour I refer to someone as a “pal.” For me it’s a category of “friend,” someone I know personally but would not be too bold in stating a deep connection. One thing I do know is that it’s good to have friends. Fuck man, I’m lucky enough guy to have many.

Originally when I started putting together this week’s mix I thought I’d pull out a bunch of records that my friends in bands had made over the years. As I started getting this playlist together it became clear that a set with all songs about friends was possible.

Four songs immediately came to mind. Joe Cocker’s version of “A Little Help from My Friends,” War’s fun and silly “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” Best Coast’s blogger anthem “Boyfriend” and Dylan’s haunting cover of “He Was a Friend.” I even got to drop a few of my pals into the mix. All in all I guess I’m giving you a prelude to Thanksgiving. Grab an old friend and wish them a cool weekend.

The Idelic Hit of the Week:

xosidealer | @sidelic

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