Friday, November 5, 2010

TVD's Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

It’s not easy being a rock n roll pioneer, but it is fucking cool in my book.

You talk about day
I'm talking 'bout night time
When the monsters call out
The names of men
Bob Dylan knows
And I bet Alan Freed did
There are things in night
That are better not to behold

I’m not sure what Marc Bolan was thinking when he wrote “Ballrooms Of Mars?” All I do know is that he name checks Alan Freed in the same verse as Bob Dylan.

I’ve always lived off the notion that of those of us behind the scenes create the back-bone of the history of rock n roll. I often find “our” histories more heroic and fascinating than the stars on stage. Like Alan Freed, the names Lisa Fancher and Frontier Records mean something to me. The extremely cool record jackets bookmark a period of my life, before CD players, when I was young and new to this funny place I’ve grown to love, California.

This week’s Idelic Hour muse is a tribute to the 30th anniversary of legendary Frontier Records. This weekend the label is celebrating with a 30th Anniversary Show at The Echoplex in Silverlake. This week also features my first ever on-air interview. Lisa and I spent the hour playing cool records and chatting about music and LA past and present.

An hour wasn’t enough time but we did get to spin a few classics, The Circle Jerks, Salvation Army, Adolescents, Suicidal and Christan Death. We even squeeze in few new records from OFF!, Circle Pit and Fresh & Onlys.

Froniter Records, The Idelic Hour salutes you!

The Idelic Hit of the Week:

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Beau said...

Is it possible to get a track list of the Idelic hour the week of November 5th. Sounds awesome


Beau said...

nevermind I got it!!!!