Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TVD Label Spotlight | Frontier Records Vinyl Giveaway

Frontier Records is turning 30—and you guys get the gifts...

I've asked Lisa Fancher, Frontier's founder and our guest here all week, to pull three LPs from their weighty catalog—LPs entirely representative of Frontier's output and sensibilities—to offer as a giveaway this week. She came back to me with the three you see below.

We'll have two winners for all three LPs. They are:

"Adolescents is one of the better longplayers to come out of the early Southern California hardcore punk scene. With the legendary Rikk Agnew on guitar, the first album by this high-energy Orange County quintet (drawing some of its teenaged membership from Agent Orange and Social Distortion) has a crisp, metallic guitar sound and clear, comprehensible vocals." —Trouser Press

Q: In (the) book, American Hardcore, they hint that The Middle Class' record was possibly the first hardcore record ever. What do you think was the first hardcore punk record was?

Jello Biafra: Either The Middle Class or Sound of Imker Train of Doomsday single in the late '60s in Holland. The only true '60s hardcore record I know.

"One of the era's quintessential expressions of teen dislocation, it converts generation gap misunderstandings into a complete communications breakdown, encapsulating all the punk sociology of such films as Repo Man and Suburbia in four minutes." —Trouser Press

As always, we'll ask you to make your case as to why you should be sent this set of Frontier releases in the comments to this post. Make 'em good and it'd be smart to make them Frontier-related as well.

We'll choose our 2 winners for the 3 LPs this Friday (11/5) at noon. Remember to leave us a contact email address too so we can let you know you won, OK?

Adolescents - L.A. Girl (Mp3)
The Middle Class - Insurgence (Mp3)
Suicidal Tendencies - Memories Of Tomorrow (Mp3)
Approved for download!


Mighty said...

I should be sent this set of Frontier releases because my entire high school career could have run off the soundtrack of the Adolescents. Although I was a huge fan of Minor Threat and Germs, there was something smooth and fluid with the Adolescents that really trumped the others. I already have this on vinyl, but I would love to add the Middle Class and Suicidal Tendencies to my collection. Giving the Adolescents as a holiday present would be pretty awesome, too.

My email is donskotch@aol.com

Thanks for having this contest, Frontier Records!!!

Lob Rocker said...

Because I am possessed to skate!