Friday, November 12, 2010

Ticket Giveaway! | The Posies w/Brendan Benson, 11/17 at the 9:30

We spent a week with The Posies in late September to celebrate the release of the brand new (and damn fine) BLOOD/CANDY. Jon and Ken blogged for a number of days here at TVD, waxing nostalgic on well, wax—and some of the records that loomed large in their shared backstory. Hell, we even gave away a few copies of the new one on vinyl.

The one thing we didn't pull off however was tickets to see the band live because—although they've been touring—it was all Europe and far-flung dates to kick off the BLOOD/CANDY promotion.

They're sweeping through the States now however in tandem with Brendan Benson, and better late than never, we've got a pair of tickets to award one of you to Wednesday night's Posies show here in DC at the 9:30.

Let us know why you should be chosen for the pair of tickets to see The Posies on Wednesday night in the comments to this post and the most convincing of the bunch will take home the tickets for the show.

We'll close this one on Tuesday at 9AM to give you plenty of time to conjure up your response—and remember to leave us a contact email address with your entry.

Remember, we've teamed up with ReadysetDC for all of our ticket giveaways so you can enter to win either here at TVD or at ReadysetDC.


Dr.Pee said...

I think I should win the tickets because when I play ring around the rosie, I literally have a pocket full of posies!....posies' songs, that is, in my ipod! Not to lick the frosting off the beater, but the Posies are power-pop, alternative new wave, sixties psychedelia, with a sliver of punk thrown in. This sonic recipe of blood and candy is sure to rock the 9:30 club wasteland and I believe it is my destiny to be there as a witness!

rap said...

give the tickets to me so i can sell em to dr. pee for a profit.