Monday, October 25, 2010

TVD Takeover/CMJ Spotlight | Kitten

CMJ (and New York City for that matter) being what they are by nature—a whirl—forestalled Kitten's final day with us last week. But fear thee not, Chloe and the band tie it all up in a fine bow - today:

Hey TVD,

Chloe here again, couldn't bear to read another blog entry written by Chris with all his coffee references..what is this, baristas hour? Just kidding, he buys me coffee almost every dreadful morning and is probably going kick my ass when he reads this.

Anyways, I say dreadful but other than some rough mornings, this has really been amazing week, yesterday being one of the highlights.

I nearly peed my pants because I realized we were playing a show on the world famous Ludlow St. (see Julian Casablanca's "On Ludlow St...") we rolled on into Arlene's grocery and played a solid show. We felt good about it and, more importantly, got a great reaction from the crowd and promoters.

I said it before and I'll say it again. As soon as I'm 18, it's NY for me. I'd move here now but a few pesky little things like school and are parents getting in the way of a full on East Coast adventure. It's cliche but you can't beat NY for energy, food, diversity. The people (at least in Manhattan) dress better way than we do in LA.

Food. Yes, it's true the pizza is better. Yes, the street corner gyro's are amazing. Cannoli's, eclairs.... yup, yup.

Hey all, this is Max. Chloe seems to have left her unfinished blog for one of us to complete so I'll add my two cents. After Arlene's we went to the Pure Volume house to drop off some gear and Sam and I somehow got stuck in an Epic Records © conference? It was pretty weird. The record company rolling out videos of all of their latest singles with all of the employees pretending to groove on bands no one's ever heard of.

Have you ever seen anybody with closed eyes and a fake smile, FAKE dance? A whole room of it is a trip. We were going to leave (the blind, corporate devotion of the event gave us the shivers) but we stayed on until the end. Free Amstel Light will make men do strange things.

After a few hours of wandering around the city, we all came back to the same place to start setting up our gear. Andy had a little trouble with the door man (let's be honest he had his fake ID confiscated by the bouncer at the Surfer Blood show) but it all worked out in the end. We played, in my opinion, one of the best sets ever, and as always, Chloe went a little crazy. She threw a keyboard at a few lucky audience members, climbed a pipe running across the ceiling and knocked down a drum mic, crash cymbal, and floor tom. All in all, Thursday was definitely on of the most rad we've had at CMJ.

Alright, so it's Chloe and I'm back. Thanks so much for having us TVD. It's always such an honor and a surprise when people we respect want to host our music and promote what we're doing.

I apologize for not posting on Friday but we were just incredibly busy with acoustic tapings and interviews (I realize that makes us sound sooooo much more important than we actually are) that I just ran out of energy and time.

Oh! and I got to hang out with one my closest friends Maddie! She just moved to NY a couple of months ago, so it was a treat grab Chinese, hit the Salvation Army and roll over to Top Shop. The only bummer about what I do is that I rarely get to hang with peeps my own age on the road. So shout out to Maddie Mackey!

I'm actually writing from sunny (believe it or not) London! We have three shows booked and a whole week to explore yet another exciting city. We're staying in Camden, strains of Morrissey - "Cooome baaack to Camden..." and I must say, that if we never quite make it to your car radio or greatest hits collection's that we're still blessed to have such an adventure through music.

If, by chance you're reading this from atop doubledecker in London, maybe we see you at the show. Otherwise,

Until we meet at Madison Square Garden...


Kitten - Kill The Light (Mp3)
Kitten - Chinatown (Mp3)
Kitten - Johnny (Mp3)
Kitten - Allison Day (Mp3)
Kitten - Kitten With A Whip (Mp3)
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