Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TVD Takeover Week | Diego Garcia

It's Day #3 with our guest for the week, Diego Garcia:

The Education of Diego | Part 3:
“Lolita, My Soul, and Mr. Walker”

Before moving on, I feel a need to address the second Elefant album The Black Magic Show.

I have a hard time going back on this one, given the simple reason, “I simply was not there.”

Listening back to that record I hear someone else.

A product of late nights, neon signs, reckless abandon, and loneliness…

The innocence was gone.

My heart was on empty.

And the recording reflects this…

Just check out the video shot to the lead single “Lolita” which was shot in NYC at the legendary Chelsea Hotel.

I want to stress that I am in no way knocking the album.

It was what it was: an honest extension of my life at that time. More importantly, of where the band was at that time.

I am very proud of it for that reason.

Now, imagine reliving this record every night on stage?

I was out of my mind…

In fact, I broke my foot touring the album. More specifically, I fractured my “soul” which in retrospect was the ultimate sign:

I had to heal my heart to survive

In other words, I had to get my girl back.

So if our whole generation’s mission is to kill the cliché, then I'm a dead man. And I will proudly take romance to the grave…

It was time to go solo.

To start over.

It was time to write a record that only my story could tell and that sounded like nothing else…

I'll leave you with one of the greatest songs on love/life before picking up again tomorrow.



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