Friday, October 15, 2010

TVD Recommends | The Backyard Boozarre

Sure, sure...some of you will be there for the vintage clothing, vintage cookwares, vintage furniture, handmade jewelry, artist prints and refurbished vintage clothing from local artisans. OR the funky furniture and home decor—big items like couches, beds, tables, lamps, chairs, armor, mirrors, bedding, quilts, ottomans, art and an awesome FOOZE BALL table. All in good shape, mostly vintage, reasonably priced.

But we'll be there for the music: 12:00 Brandon of Laughing Man | 1:00 May of Pree | 1:30 Vanessa of Frau Eva / Pree | 2:00 Aaron Thompson | 2:30 Vince of Army of Me / River James | 3:00 Lightfoot

The Backyard Boozarre | Saturday, October 16 · 10:00am - 5:00pm | Hotel Fairmont, 1200 Fairmont St., NW Washington, DC

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