Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ticket & Vinyl Giveaway! | Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Friday 10/15 at the Rock and Roll Hotel

On paper it shouldn't work—the unlikely pairing of Scottish indie-pop darling Isobel Campbell and the gruff and gritty former Screaming Trees frontman, Mark Lanegan—but it does. So well, in fact that last summer's Vanguard Records release 'Hawk' is the second pairing of the two.

Ms. Campbell and Mr. Lanegan play the Rock and Roll Hotel this coming Friday (10/15) and not only do we have the LP to put in your hands, we've got a pair of tickets to the show—both for one winner.

Let us know why you should be chosen for the pair of tickets and the vinyl copy of 'Hawk' in the comments to this post and the most convincing of the bunch will take home the tickets.

You need to act fast though—we need to close this one out on Thursday (10/14) by 5PM—and remember to leave us a contact email address with your entry. I can't tell you how many "winning" entries we get with no way of letting that person know. So—now you know—go!

Remember, we've teamed up with ReadysetDC for all of our ticket giveaways so you can enter to win either here at TVD or at ReadysetDC.

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Come Undone (Mp3)
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Joe said...

In love with Mark Lanegan's voice and that's a great looking album cover that hopefully will grace my room...


Todd said...

I should win the LP and the tickets because I am a huge Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell fan. I have all of Mark's CDs from his solo career, Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Soulsavers, and various other collaborations. I have all of Isobel Campbell's solo CDs and all of the Gentle Waves CDs. I have both Ballad of the Broken Seas and Sunday at Devil Dirt. Although I have seen Mark in concert a number of times, I have been waiting 4 years to see Mark and Isobel together.


Joanna D Robertson said...

I should win the tickets because I'm in a stalk-the-members-of-The-Gutter-Twins phase. I've seen the TGT twice, and I'm going to go see Greg Dulli in Baltimore next week. I missed Mark's The Soulsavers show, so I HAVE to get to this one!

True fact: I'm listening to The Twilight Singers song that Mark did vocals on as I type!

Allison said...

I should win because I've been a Mark Lanegan fan for a very, very long time! He is my favorite artist in the whole world- the WHOLE world and I have never, ever had the chance to see him. I fell in love with Isobell the first time I heard her, thanks to Mark I got to know who she is! We have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and don't get out very often, we need this.....a dream come true it would be for me.


Ace said...

Let me start off by saying my wife and I are huge fans!

The reason I hope to win is we really need it. It all starts with me being in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago because of a driver on a cell phone. It caused me to lose my job, some movement in my arm, back and knees and on October 29th this year we will lose our home. I am a husband to a wonderful wife and a father of a beautiful 4 year old daughter and soon we will be looking for somewhere to live. So before that I would love to take my wife to a show to see her most beloved performers, and, if only just for a moment, forget.

All we have is the music we listen to and it's not very often that you an artist that touches your soul the way you two do. That's why your music is such a big part of our everyday life. When I hear Mark Lanegan's voice I know that I'm not alone in my suffering. I know he has had great pain in his life and he is still making it everyday and I can too, if I just try to hold on.

Thank you!
Azel (Ace) Chandler