Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Vinyl District Takeover | Those Darlins

Don't you wish more bands did instrumentals? I have what would amount to an entire record's worth of instrumentals I recorded at Kathy Wariner's (Jessi's mom) art studio last Christmas. Jessi's 13 year old brother Oakley plays percussion on some of it. No one wants to put it out I guess. Which is fine. People are more into that Double Rainbow sound right now anyway. In the meantime I stick tracks on mixtapes and tell people it's some lost Joe Meek recording.

The T-Bones - "Balboa Blue" | I put this song on a mix tape I made for van time during SXSW 2010. Perfect for sitting in standstill traffic, knowing you're already 30 minutes late and probably won't arrive for another 45. Sorry.

The Routers - "Lets Go" | Everybody loves this one. Cheerleaders and cretins, together as one.

Al Casey with the K-C Ettes - "Surfin Hootenanny" | Lee Hazelwood wrote this one. Al was also a member of the "Wrecking Crew" and played on tons of stuff-Pet Sounds, "These Boots are Made for Walking", etc. AWWW CMMMON.

The Turtles - "Buzz Saw" | This is off the Battle of the Bands album. Way cooler than hearing them sing Dylan. Here they pretend to be The Fabulous Dawgs, and rip out some great Fuzz and organ sounds.

The Dyna-Tones - "The Skunk Pt. 1" | Flip this guy over and you get to hear "The Skunk Pt. 2."

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