Friday, September 10, 2010

TVD's Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

I’ve always thought of myself as a punk rocker with a hippie’s heart. I’m not sure why? Did someone else say that? It sounds so “right on!” The fact is the word hippie probably means something slightly different to each of us. For me, I guess it means to be old and still a “hipster” of sorts?

I’ve always turned to 60’s music as summer turns to fall, particularly songs from the California bands. I totally love The Doors. I remember getting their live at The Matrix on cassette from a “bootlegger,” something about that version of “Summer’s Almost Gone” has always stuck with me.

In some ways summer never ends for a hippie. Our “flowers” are always in bloom.

In this week’s playlist we salute those old hippie friends we dig. Zappa, Morison, Beefheart, Jerry, and Jorma. In the mix, the new breed, Anton Newcombe, Alex Ebert, Black Angeles and Tame Impala keep the freak flags flying in 2010

The Idelic Hit of the Week:
Ima Robot - Pass It On (Mp3)

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lesley said...

Your song picks are the ultimate! Love how on it you are. Gonna dl and listen to the show soon. Wasn't as keen on the "heavy days" themed show, but I have loved the others I've been hearing "lola" and the festivals tribute, "daddy-o", etc. You're an enjoyable personality, Jon. Keep doing your thing. :D