Friday, September 3, 2010

TVD's The Ardent Sessions Presents: J.D. Reager

"I've been lucky enough to record two Ardent sessions (one solo, and one with Two Way Radio) in studio A, record most of an album in studio C, as well as hang out there on several occasions in my now long and illustrious music “career.”

I honestly tell you that I've never been in a more professional environment – even when producing a simple live recording for a podcast, the folks at Ardent go all-out. And it's almost uncomfortable for me on some level, because I'm so used to recording in less than ideal spaces that don't come with tech support, or an overflowing gear and supply closet. Tidy, perfect-sounding rooms that come with so many perks are a rare luxury.

Unfortunately, the thing that sticks out most in my mind about doing the solo Ardent session – aside from being lucky enough to talk Tim Regan (of Snowglobe) into sitting in with me, and that Klaus Voormann was there for some reason – is how dreadfully, painfully sick I was.

Looking back now, I'm honestly not sure why I didn't try to postpone, as I could barely talk, much less sing on key. It just never occurred to me to try and reschedule. So, with a fever over 101, a ragged voice and a borrowed acoustic guitar, the show went on.

It actually didn't turn out so bad. I drank lots of tea with honey and barely spoke for two hours before the gig, saving it up for when the red light came on. (That's fancy recordist talk for when the show started. And truthfully, I don't even think there was a red “we're recording now” indicator light. If there was, I was too sick to remember.)

I did my thing, Tim and Jason Pulley (my new bandmate in the Near Reaches) got up and did theirs in support, and I went home and collapsed. I still cringe a little when I hear the shape of my voice on the playback (more pretentious recordist speak), but perhaps you, the average and likely unfamiliar-with-how-my-voice-should-sound-listener can be more forgiving. I truly hope so.

P.S. - when I say “average” listener, I am by no means implying that I am somehow “above-average” by being able to decipher the musical imperfections of my own voice, I was simply suggesting that casual listener might not even notice or care to make such nit-picky observations. Except, now I've pointed them out. Gosh, I'm a dick."
—J.D. Reager

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