Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TVD Takeover | The Posies' 'BLOOD/CANDY' Vinyl Giveaway

As I mentioned on Monday, we’re delighted to have The Posies here with us all week blogging away mercilessly—especially since this week is the release week for the eagerly anticipated new LP, BLOOD/CANDY. (Officially on store shelves September 28th.)

Those of you who follow us with rapt attention know that for every ‘takeover’ week here at TVD, we’ve got a contest running in tandem – and this week’s can't be any more obvious.

We’ve got two copies of the aforementioned BLOOD/CANDY on vinyl to ship out to two winners in exchange for your comment to this post. Pen your Posies-related missive to us and the band in the aptly named Comments Box and the two that strike the perfect chord will each have the new LP shipped off to him or her.

We’ll choose both winners this coming Friday (10/1) and remember to leave us a contact email address, ok?

The Posies - Licenses to Hide (Mp3)
Approved for download!


xtianDC said...

Cannot wait for this record. Dear 23 and Frosting On The Beater are forever desert island albums for me. And actually, I recently re-visited Amazing Disgrace and would put moments from that one right up there as well. Saw them after Dear 23 at the old 9:30 Club on F incredible performance. The fact that they are still at it all these years later is truly a wonderful thing.

Ken and Jon deserve every bit of SUCCESS they get with this new. Errr...get it, Posies partisans? ;)


Fusion 45 said...

Dig the posies!

Ben said...

Cannot wait for the new album. Bought "Failure" on tape in 1989 and played that crap out of that and bought it on disc a few years later. Will be making a road trip from Central Florida to Atlanta in Nov. Those facts alone should make me a worthy recepient of some vinyl, right? And, I'm not being a f***ing liar about it. Please make sure that it's not a "broken record."

the_autographer [at]

Dr.Pee said...

The Posies have always been one of my favorites of all time...and definitely my favorite "alternative" band in the 90s. I cant wait to get my hands on (ears on?) the new album! Ive only seen the Posies live once, it was back in the early 90s in New Orleans on the Dear 23 tour. I remember three things about that concert: 1) When the Posies hit the stage they were a lot more harder rockin'/punk than I was expecting...a pleasant wall-of -sound- ear- bleeding- smack- in -the- head surprise! 2) The road crew (or members of other bands?) played a gag on the Posies by putting condoms on all of the vocal mics! I can still remember the confused, then joyful grin on Ken Stringfellow's face when he began to sing and realized his vocals were being muffled by a somewhat unorthodox "penis wind sock" complete with reservoir tip! That bemused grin soon turned to crackin' up with laughter when he decided to try to sing through Jon Auer's mic only to find another condom! A true Spinal Tap moment handled with a good sense of humor! You could tell those guys were having fun on that tour. and 3) how sonic and tight the band sounded with Ken's voice and Jon's over the top rock star guitar antics. Im so glad to get some new Posies music...and hopefully a new tour!

Paul B

Gringo Star said...

I had purchased tickets for the Rock Shop performance last Thursday and was anxiously waiting as the date got closer and closer (and how wonderful that the date was a Posies-related September 23). At the zero hour my folks decided to come from AZ to NJ for a wedding and their flight got in at 6:30pm on... you guessed it, September 23. I scrambled to figure out a way to still make the show but it was not meant to be. Not that I don't love my folks, but... c'mon, it's The Posies. I heard they did 3 songs in encore that I've never seen them perform in the 10 times I've gone to a Posies show. Oh well, looking forward to the Highland Ballroom show... I just hope no one else I know decides to keep me from it. :)


Jared,givemeagooddisplaynamenow,wolschlager said...
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Mel said...

After the show in Zwolle (the Netherlands) Ken Stringfellow wanted to sell some merchansise. To get some attention, he drew two circle round his nipples.

He said "anyone who buys my solo-cd (Soft Commands) may touch my nipples".


mele58 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Here's my strange take on the Posies: I was living in what was then Czecho-Slovakia (there was a brief time in 1991ish when the country was known as such) and I had begun working with a bunch of students on Fun Radio Bratislava, who were in a tug-of-war -- it was their ideals about music/freedom/etc vs. their "corporate sponsor" (Fun Radio Paris) and once-communist, now-capitalist opportunists. I was doing a weird radio show bringing in music that had never been played before in the region and I was trying to get them service from US independent labels.
Then, in the summer of 1991, I went back to the US for a visit and ended up going in person to hit up some small indy labels in NY & Boston, when I decided to fly out to Seattle and Portland to visit some friends. In Seattle, I wandered into some upstart record labels that I'd never heard of before, one of which was called PopLlama. Another place was Subpop, which up til then I thought was a British label because I'd read about them in NME or Melody Maker. These labels were weird but generous, giving me stacks of cassettes.
Cassettes? Yes, cassettes.
So I got back to Bratislava that August and finally listened to them and was blown away! At the station, my engineers were hating me because I was insisting on playing stuff off these cassettes (cuing up vinyl was always a pain in the ass, but cassettes? even more annoying...) and my favorite band quickly became the Posies, as I began to play something off "Failure" every show. Soon, I picked up "Dear 23" on CD and the ease of play made that my broadcast choice.
Meanwhile, I was playing an odd track, "Do You Love Me", from another band I'd never heard of from a SubPop cassette of Kiss covers called, "Hard to Believe". Shortly thereafter, some product arrived that was directed to me as the expert on "American music" and that evening, with barely a 20 second preview, I played the first track off "Nevermind" because I recognized the band's name from the Kiss covers thing. Yep, that's it - I think I was the first person to play Nirvana and the Posies in Eastern Europe.
[I wish I could make some greater claim to fame, but this'll have to do...]

Elspeth said...

The Posies aren't touring to my neck of the woods, so the next best thing will be their new album...on vinyl.


Jules said...
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Jules said...

I have always loved The Posies - from the moment I saw them in 1989 or so in Seattle to this day....

Funny story - I emailed former drummer Brian Young recently because I was listening to Amazing Disgrace in the car. (He is now in another band that is less "hardcore popppy")

I mentioned that he'd have to hit the gym in order to play GRANT HART ever again and he laughed (LOL) and agreed heartily.

What an amazing album.
daisyglaze at gmail dot com

alex said...

I remember going to the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood to see the Posies with my best friend back in the 90's. My cheeks still hurt from how wide my smile was all those years ago! I remember singing all the words to every song and everyone around me on the floor was singing along as well. It was such a refreshing and beautiful night to see a show in such a jaded industry town where the entire audience was actually digging the music instead of trying to be "seen" at a hip show.
But with a band like the Posies, how could you expect anything less?

The Posies have been one of my all time favorite bands ever since I first saw the video for "Dream All Day" at 3AM on tv. I have never been more grateful for a sleepless night in my life! Thanks for all the great years of incredible inspiring music!

LONG LIVE THE POSIES!!! Can't wait to hear the new record!

Anonymous said...

Carpooling home from work recently, I put in "In case you didn't feel like plugging in" for my friend and I to enjoy after finishing a long day at work. He asked me who we were listening to and after I told him "The Posies", he told me that they were "out of tune" and should practice a little more...I just had to laugh !!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I want it!

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

So many times I would play The Posies' music and people would ask "What is that playing? That is awesome!" And so they would go out and buy the CD and I would think of myself as their "man on the street" pimping their product. So, I figure that The Posies owe me for the dozens of extra CDs that I have helped them sell! :P

Seriously, I have been looking forward to a new release from them for a LONG time. Can't wait to hear the new tunes.

Anonymous said...

My brother bought a used copy of “Dear 23” at San Diego music store Off The Record in 1991, when I was 18. We had seen them open for the Replacements in January that year (he claims I said they were too loud at the time, but I don’t remember that). When I visited my brother’s house, I wanted to hear “Mrs. Green” over and over. He made me a tape of the CD, saying I would like the whole thing. I played it all the time in my car, and that’s when Posie mania began… .
Our parents had divorced three years before, and my then 15-year-old brother lived with my dad and new stepfamily in a chaotic antithesis to “The Brady Bunch.” “Dear 23,” with its themes of bad marriages, broken families and strained relationships really resonated with me at that time. It was March 1991, San Diego was in a drought and facing mandatory water conservation when suddenly “Miracle March” hit with a ton of rain. It’s weird, but it’s like I can hear the rain in that record (and no, not just from the effect used between “Any Other Way” and “You Avoid Parties”). I still can see the rain dribbling down the windshield of my first car, an ’83 Honda, when I hear the dribbling piano notes that open “Mrs. Green.”
I’m 38 now, and finally on my own. My Dad and stepmom got divorced, and she passed on March 18 of this year. My brother has moved away. But I still love this band and all their albums since. I just got a stereo with an aux jack, and can play that old D23 tape in my car again: maybe when I drive up to see the Posies in LA this December.

juepucta said...

Love these guys. Saw them one of the best concerts ever on their "...Light" tour. They played a whole set acoustically down in the middle of the audience, at ground level between us fans. Eventually the whole thing built up, the rhythm section came back to start making noise onstage and the whole thing crescendoed beautifully back to full blown RnR until it ended.

Plus, the fact that K. Stringfellow has toured S.America (especially Ecuador) is dear to my heart.


Jared,givemeagooddisplaynamenow,wolschlager said...

While my relationship with The Posies memorabilia may have been a Failure , their music has not. My first experience was with Dear 23 on cassette an album I played so much that it burned itself into my cars cassette deck.

I quickly bought the cd and put it in my biweekly cd rotation. I next bought Failure sealed at a flea market and was stoked with what I had heard. Very quickly I started "Washing Saturdays" and "Ironing Tuesdays," when I wasn't quoting the lyrical beauty of "Like Me Too" to my now ex girlfriend. She didn't appreciate that my "stones shattered her sea of tranquility" and saying that she was as "human as the statue of liberty" didn't help either. She's gone but The Posies are "What Little Remains."

I then bought the rest of the collection and it tastes as sweet as Frosting on the Beater in Every Kind of Light . When I finally see them
(A)live before the iceberg it will not be an Amazing Disgrace , but instead a Success . At least: At last
I will see them live and will bring my hearing aide In Case You (they) Didn't Feel Like Plugging In .

I love The Posies and I cannot wait for the new album.

Gringo Star said...

I would like to reiterate my love of The Posies, having been a fan since I picked up a used copy of "Dear 23" at Sounds on St. Mark's Place. I've collected every album, b-side, compilation and appearance on tributes but never bought any of the material on vinyl. When I found a pre-order link for "Blood/Candy" I struggled with the decision but ultimately ordered the CD. I've regretted it ever since. I have yet to receive the disc (let's go, Ryko) but judging from what I've already heard of it, "Blood/Candy" is gonna be an awesome record... and a fine place to start a Posies vinyl collection.

Jon said...

We have our 2 winners - thank you all for entering.

More great vinyl giveaways to come. Count on it!