Thursday, September 9, 2010

TVD Fresh Track | New from Fistful of Mercy

I can't help it - I'm a Beatlephile.

Any music with any vague connection or reference to The Beatles—I need to turn over that rock. So, it was with some interest when I first caught word of
Fistful of Mercy, a project that includes Joseph Arthur, Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison, son of Beatle George.

If anything, the collaboration veers toward Turin Breaks territory with its strummed acoustic guitars and harmonic interplay—and it's quite pleasing indeed with Dhani's high parts in the harmonies touching on something very familiar and 'Harrison-esque.'

Fistful of Mercy will release their debut album 'As I Call You Down' on October 5th on Harrison’s own Hot Records. Pre-orders for the album are currently available at the band's online store. The first 300 pre-orders will come with a signed poster from the band.

Limited edition vinyl will be available in stores a week early starting September 28th.

Fistful of Mercy plays the Sixth & I Synagogue on November 16.

Fistful of Mercy - Fistful of Mercy (Mp3)
Approved for download!

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