Monday, August 2, 2010

TVD Takeover | Jesca Hoop

"My stitching was born to fall apart," Jesca Hoop says upon some reflection on her personal journey—and damn if the best music isn't borne of such sentiment. (And sometimes a blog or two.)

That precarious muse has lead to the release of her sophomore LP, "Hunting My Dress" out just last week on Vanguard and already the UK press has their hearts set to swoon:

“In a voice that ranges from gentle, crystalline charm to edgy intensity, she’s in turn playful, bluesy, haunting, and folky. What prevents this all from becoming a mish-mash of textures is Hoop’s single minded passion, which lends a self assured cohesion to her diversity.” FOUR STARS —Uncut

“This is a swirling, swooning album with an earthy, minimalist sound powered mainly by her delightfully shape-shifting, slippery voice that rises and falls from wistful and elegant to rich and sultry.” —NME

Declarations of praise aside, Jesca's an unabashed vinyl fan and this week between promotional jaunts for the new record, she'll be setting aside some time to turn US on to what's turned HER on and what informs her myriad of musical perspectives.

So, sit back and relax—Jesca's your DJ for this week.

A favourite vinyl moment. | I'll never forget listening to Joni Mitchell's 'Song for a Seagull' on vinyl one a misty morning while sitting on the coverd porch in a rocking chair amidst the redwood trees.

The songs, the mist, the tea, the trees all became the same thing a total environment. We listened to the record like it was a movie. And again and again. That record (and on vinyl) signifies those days of a gorgeous simplicity... of unfettered youth... of freedom.

"Jesca Hoop's music is like a four sided coin. She is an old soul, like a black pearl, a good witch or a red moon. Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night." — Tom Waits

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