Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TVD Takeover | Jesca Hoop

Something Old, Something New-ish:

Something Newish | I heard Bon Iver for the first time in late 2008. It was the first record from a new artist that I had heard in many years that I latched on to. I love his record, 'For Emma Forever Ago.' It was written in a snowy cabin up in Wisconsin over several months. You can hear the isolation.

There isn't too much information on this record. The stories are eloquent and simple. His sonic choices are fresh. Most of all these records come from the heart. Here is a link to one of the songs from the record :

Something Old | I was introduced to the Bulgarian Womens choirs (of which there a many) first by listening to a Kate Bush song 'Deeper Understanding' from the album 'The Sensual World.' If you listen to the track...there are these soothing yet piercing voices that enter in the first chorus.

I had never heard anything like them before. I set out to find who these women are. My hunt lead me to Les Mystre De Voix Blugare. Their record titled 'Les Mystre De Voix Bulgare' is a shocking piece of work. My favourite on the record is 'Kalimankou Denkou.'

I cannot find a link for this particular song but I have found for you a rather playful performance by them on The Johnny Carson Show...back in the day.

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