Friday, August 13, 2010

TVD Summer Vinyl Giveaway | PVT "Church With No Magic"

Once upon a time in the era of freeform FM (and sometimes AM) radio, upon the very first listen to a freshly minted track spun by this or that DJ whose taste I trusted, I'd become so sonically smitten with a song that I'd be certain to spring for the complete LP, having faith that the 9 or 10 tracks on the balance of the release were just as top notch. Sure, it was a gamble but one that very often paid off.

It happened with The Cars way back when. I played that "Let's Go" 45 on Elektra non-stop. Tear For Fears too. I think it was "Change" that did it fr me. . . Later on, I'm reminded of the first track off the first Jellyfish LP, "The Man I Used To Be." That came over the radio one afternoon when I was tooling around the Jersey Shore with my Dad. And if you know that Jellyfish record at all, it foretold a ton about the high caliber of that LP.

Why am I going on about this you ask? Well, it's because I've had this track stuck in my head by Aussies PVT (formerly Pivot) since it made its appearance in my email in-box last week. I mean, I'm ready to spring for the entire release now, I'm that smitten for some reason.

But this being TVD and all, I'm able to say, "Hey PR Firm...this is great. Let's set up a giveaway and put one of these things into the hands of some very smart TVD reader." And it was done.

We've got PVT's brand new release (it's just out this week) "Church With No Magic" on vinyl of course, to award one of you who comments to this post.

Play their video and/or download the track and let us know if you're sufficiently smitten in the comments, or simply recall a time when you fell for a band off the strength of one track alone where the balance of the record didn't disappoint. Or something else entirely - you guys are a creative bunch.

We'll give you a week to tell your tale and close this one out next Friday. And remember to leave us a contact email address so we can let you know you've won - ok?

PVT - Window (Mp3)
Authorized for download!


Stephen Carradini said...

I discovered Joe Pug's "Hymn 101" from a Paste Sampler and was immediately obsessed. I listened to it over and over, then went out and bought the "Nation of Heat" EP. I listened to that over and over. I told my best friend about it. He bought the EP and listened to it over and over. Joe Pug came through town, and my friend drove three hours, dragging along a guy who doesn't even like folk. We blissed out with no more than thirty other people as he closed with "Hymn 101." It was glorious.

Jon said...

Hey Stephen...we need your contact email...