Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TVD | Back in Black

One December a million years ago, 'Yesterday And Today' was a holiday gift along with Milton Bradley's Air Trix.

The Air Trix board game "is a skill game where players must move a styrofoam ball suspended on a column of air through various obstacles. The obstacles include running the ball through a ladder, into a bucket on the seal's nose, through the weather vane, landing on a helicopter, and picking up a mail bag."

Fun stuff right? More fun, my friend Spike and I thought, would be to replace the suspended in-air styrofoam ball with...well, ...spit. What can I say - we were creative kids.

Not surprisingly, the spit had varying results. It worked for a second there, then it'd come lobbing down into the hair dryer-like device that kept the styrofoam ball aloft. Shortly thereafter this device seemed to take on what I'll call - a smell.

Soon the game and the smell were relegated to the shelves, but what stayed handy however were the yellow sticks from the game on which the items would be suspended. They were about 13" long and the width of some light jazz drum sticks. And they became my first drum sticks.

Like a joke that takes painfully long to come to a conclusion, the marriage of Air Trix, spit, and The Beatles' 'Yesterday and Today' - specifically 'And Your Bird Can Sing,' ignited a life long love affair with all things: drum kit and blisters.

So, mom - thanks. Sorry about the Air Trix.

The Beatles - Nowhere Man (Mp3)
The Beatles - Yesterday (Mp3)
The Beatles - If I Needed Someone (Mp3)
The Beatles - We Can Work It Out (Mp3)
The Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing (Mp3)

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