Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TVD | Back in Black

Back in May we ran a week-long series we called 'Lil Triggers.' Y'know this or that which suddenly ignites a reflection or memory and sends you off elsewhere.

Last evening before dinner I had a package delivered—my mom's wedding ring and wedding band. In a baggie, in the mail. The same rings with picture perfect clarity I can recall on her finger or cooling themselves on the window sill while dishes were being washed.

Let's just say this week might just be a bit tougher to get through than I thought yesterday.

Harry Nilsson - City Life (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - The Moonbeam Song (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - So Long Dad (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - Don't Forget Me (Mp3)

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