Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TVD's Press Play

Where would this little mom and pop blog be without the PR folks who come knocking each day? Well, we'd be without music to drop on all of your internet doorsteps, actually.

Like the stork bearing newborns daily, we're happily inundated with music...some fantastic, some downright awful, and the majority of music we simply don't have the time to address to rave or rant about.

'Til now.

We're introducing a new feature today that will run each Monday morning: TVD's Press Play - recapping the previous week in PR and the bands the promo folks are flogging to the blogging community.

We'll be simply compiling them and offering them up to you for your downloading pleasures with scant little commentary if any. They won't be run through the TVD grinder for our seal of approval - just the tracks, ma'am.

And we've got a bunch in the queue we'll be offering up all week to give you time to make some space on your harddrives to collect 'em all. So, without any additional rambling on my part, we're off:

Funeral Party - Finale (Mp3)
Back Ted N-Ted - The Mirror (Mp3)
Everything Everything - Schoolin (Mp3)
Twin Shadow - I Can't Wait (Mp3)
All authorized for download!

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