Friday, July 23, 2010

TVD's Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from New York City! | I’ve found myself walking the streets of my hometown this week. Fittingly this week’s Idelic Hour pays tribute to John Cummings, a departed friend.

Maybe first and foremost John,
aka Johnny Ramone, was great New Yorker. I could say he reminded me of the city but in reality he reminded of a bad ass construction worker from Queens.

I remember hearing the Ramones for the first time playing on the jukebox at Max’s Kansas City in the fall of '76 and I bought my first Ramones 7” from Bleeker Bob at a rock convention in the winter of 1977. John’s guitar sound was completely radical. The Ramones might have been taken for a joke save not for his tough and cool look.

I became friends with John after he retired and moved to California. As I write this it seems so unreal that I would end up having the honor of calling Johnny Ramone a friend! He was undoubtedly one the most influential musicians of the '70’s and this week’s playlist keeps in mind John’s extremely clear opinion on what was cool.

On Sunday evening, Linda Ramone will be throwing her annual tribute to Johnny at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA. Come join us!

Gabba Gabba!!!

xosidealer | @sidelic

The Idelic Hour Podcast [7/23/2010] (Mp3, 88Mg)

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