Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TVD Ticket Giveaway | The Roosevelt, Satori Trova, The Nice Trys, Acres of Diamonds, Saturday (7/10) at the Rock & Roll Hotel

I'll start with a confession—up until last week I'd not heard of The Roosevelt, Satori Trova, The Nice Trys, or Acres of Diamonds.

All four of 'em - not a clue.

Which is not a knock on any of the bands that comprise Rock & Roll Hotel's Saturday night bill. Upon introduction to all four of them last week, they're all up to something unique and totally worthwhile and easily come from diverse schools of thought.

So, it's one cool bill indeed and it's our job to let you know about it. And as such, it's our job to get you out of the house, away from your turntables, and over to the Hotel for a night of music—whether you're a fan of one or all of the bands already, or if they're as new to you as they were to me last week.

We've got a pair of tickets to give away to Saturday night's foursome at R&R in exchange for your comment in the comments portion of this post. Whether you're an old fan or a new one after snagging all the downloads below, let us hear it, and the most convincing of the bunch gets the pair.

We'll choose a winner by 9AM on Friday morning so get to it—and remember to leave us a contact email address!

The Roosevelt - Loners (Mp3)
Satori Trova - Somewhere in the Static (Mp3)
The Nice Trys - BMX Supersexy (Mp3)
Acres of Diamonds - Whole World (Mp3)
Authorized for download!


Tau said...

BMX Supersexy by the absurdist honky tonk Nice Trys: dreamy. orange creamsickle. wink.
schoolyard rhymes grown up...sort of. matured maybe. compelling. complex and simple. evoking childhood, growing up, and a landscape of memory real or imagined. Like maple syrup, rich, familiar enough to think you know it, delicious enough to catch and hold my attention. Nicely gritty like a satisfying skinned knee. “I wish I was really cool” elementary school dreams here realized. Music to make you smile, muse and maybe think.

Anonymous said...

"holy bike bells, who is this!?!? I'm in The Nice Trys... in fact, I wrote the goddamn song, and you totally nailed it!!! Obviously, you have the job as our publicist! Hired. And if you play the accordion, you're in the band!!!" Really, thanks a lot!!! Btw, it's "I wish I were cool"-- the subjunctive mood. That's all...

Anonymous said...

I also want to say that this is probably the most poetic review we will ever get... I mean, c'mon... "dreamy. orange creamsicle. wink." and "nicely gritty like a satisfying skinned knee." Seriously, all of it, good stuff...

The Queen of Ethiopia said...

Wow, I had also never heard of these bands, but I would love the opportunity to go and check them out. :) Please enter me in this comment contest!

Jon said...

I need an email address to choose a winner for these tickets...first one back at me gets 'em.

Tau said...

Hi Jon,
Sorry, I thought I left my email with my post: