Thursday, July 15, 2010

TVD Ticket Giveaway | The Caribbean, Sunday (7/18) at Galaxy Hut

If you've been playing along at home over the past two weeks, you're well aware that we've been following The Caribbean all through the mid-west and down south via their between libations Tour Diary. The 'Discontinued Perfume' Tour Diary to be exact.

And if you have been following this missives from the road, you've probably asked yourself two things:
1. How can these guys be so damn charming? and 2. Just when the hell are they playing in our neck of the woods?

The answer to number one leans heavy on writer's embellishment and the answer to number two is this coming Sunday night (7/18) at Galaxy Hut. Lucky you!

The charming and effusive gents of The Caribbean, fresh off a tour of the heartland's seediest dive bars, have bequeathed TVD a pair of tickets to Sunday's show to put into one pithy commenter's hands.

That's right - leave us some feedback in the comments to this post and the most charming among them will score the pair of tickets for Sunday night's show. We'll choose our winner by noon on Saturday (7/17) so make with the word-smithery already. And remember to leave us a contact email address!

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