Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TVD | The Caribbean - A "Discontinued Perfume" Tour Diary

It's always totally sausage roll to play a club you've always wanted to play. And when it's in a cool town, even sweeter.

The 40 Watt

Like the Midwest, people here have been very nice. Our brilliant publicist, Jon Polk, lives here and is hostin'. The trip down was smooth. Good sights. Lunch at Biscuitville. Gets hotter and hotter and hotter the further south we go.

Kentoff backseat drives to Athens

That said, the show: eh. The sound was excellent, but they wanted us to play for an hour. We have a very Swiss watch 42.7 minute set, so our tender equilibrium was thrown. We managed. The audience: well, we had the stage lights dimmed so I could see question marks over tops of heads. When the beatbox songs started, forget it. If we had 'em, we lost 'em. We still managed. Aside from one guy asking Dave, between songs, if we played any reggae (to which Dave responded, "Not even close"), things went OK.

Dave piloting his Honda Fit. The Caribbean traveling lite-style.

Then there were the bizarre stage gremlins: drum beater catches pant cuff, e string goes stunningly out of tune without provocation. We play a staggering version of "Mr. Let's Find Out" from the upcoming Discontinued Perfume record and receive a dollop of polite applause. Hey, there was HUMAN SACRIFICE in Madison for that song! Well, Hunan sacrifice, at least.

Hometapes Publicist Jon Polk

Hey, at least we get to hang w/Polk, who's like family. A sweetheart and a smarty. And he has A/C at his house. Nice.


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