Friday, July 2, 2010

TVD | The Caribbean - A "Discontinued Perfume" Tour Diary

More dispatches from the road from the lads in The Caribbean...

The Daytrotter Studio

Is Rock Island a town or a city? Some people call this one of the Quad CITIES (Latin for 4 cities); I call these people Illinois & Iowa. Do they have a cathedral? According to a man I met in London, that's the measure (which is why Liverpool is a city not a town).

The Daytrotter Gang

Either way, what are the hippest people in town/city like? Turns out they (collectively Daytrotter) are very nice & run a pro restaurant- quality ship.

The session went nicely. 2 songs from the upcoming Discontinued Perfume record, 1 unreleased song that might've been on Discon/Fume if I hadn't had a nervous breakdown in February (Pitchfork headline: mental collapse of singer yields sweet B-side), and our "hit" (The Go From Tactical).

At Random - Specialty Drinks Since 1964

Things were fun; they had a bathroom that locked and cool equipment; tears were at a minimum; and we made some good art w/these lovely people.

On to our Milwaukee show tonight and (one hopes) some vintage porn.

Milwaukee: it was a good night.

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Anonymous said...

I did not know our town was known for vintage porn. Travelers know all.