Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TVD Summer Vinyl Giveaway | The Middle East (s/t)

For years I probably spent and inordinate amount of time brooding - and I still do now, if I'm being honest. Y'know...late nights, red wine. Thinking disguised as staring at the wall.

And I had a patch of records there on the shelf that were the perfect soundtrack. Pensive and thoughtful orchestrations of melancholy all of which now have deep, deep grooves from overplaying.

I also think the readers of this here daily drivel are kindred spirits in a way. You'd have to be to tune into a vinyl blog day in and day out. Intrinsically here at this location, the medium is the message but the music is the messenger.

Which brings me to Aussies, The Middle East whose self titled LP deserves a solid spot among the vinyl I'd spin on those starry evenings.

If my sensibilities are correct, and I believe they are, you want this record. . . and we've got two copies to give away.

Your task? Download the Mp3s below, pour a glass of wine, have a listen, and simply opine in the comments to this post—whatever moves you to move us to send one your way.

We'll give you a week to suitably inspire and will close this one on Wednesday, 6/30. Don't forget to leave us a contact email address between pours.

The Middle East - Blood (Mp3)
The Middle East - Lonely (Mp3)
The Middle East - The Darkest Side (Mp3)
Authorized for download!


mk said...

I saw them at Bonnaroo and it was just magnificent in spite of the oppressive heat. It was a moment to remember -everyone just oo-ing along to Blood and allowing everything else to fade away. Their songs make me smile because at the same time they make me want to cry. Too beautiful to bear, maybe the wine will help.

Jon said...

Reminder that we need email addresses to award winners...

Anonymous said...

All I've really heard is 'Blood', and I can't get it off repeat. Don't send this album to me.Just air drop it straight into the Middle East, and the Taliban will surely be moved enough to end the war. If any band has that power, its the ironically aptly named Middle East themselves.

Anonymous said...

mk said...