Monday, June 28, 2010

TVD: Bonzai!

Right, the tree (via the exclamation.)

It's said that the bonsai tree will on average outlive us all—to the point in its existence where it may have a handful of meticulous caretakers over the course of its lifetime—which lead me to thinking this we care for it, or it for us?

Despite the resurgence in enthusiasm for vinyl and the plethora of acts again releasing music in the format, 95% of my vinyl purchases are pre-owned. Of the 26 LPs I bought this weekend up at Joe's Record Paradise, all of them had previous owners who unfortunately left several of their names scrawled is less than desirable locations. (Kitty Jones, I'm looking at you.)

I spent some time afterward at home scraping off price stickers, replacing inner sleeves when needed, and rebagging the LPs with new clear, Mylar sleeves. It might sound like a chore, but it's an oddly centering endeavor.

This week, for whatever reason, tracks from a few LPs that have tended to me and remain a constant over the years.

The Vapors - Spring Collection (Mp3)
The Vapors - Sixty Second Interval (Mp3)
The Vapors - Waiting for the Weekend (Mp3)
The Vapors - Letter from Hiro (Mp3)
The Vapors - Here Comes the Judge (live) (Mp3)

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davyh said...

Bonzai. Deep. Like it.