Thursday, June 24, 2010

TVD 24-Hour Ticket Giveaway | Olivia Mancini w/ No Second Troy, Friday (6/25) at Iota

Earlier in the week I got to thinking that after last week's four ticket giveaway contests, how could we go this week with well, ...none? Something seemed a bit off, if you ask me.

Happily our friend Olivia Mancini came to our rescue with a pair of tickets for her show this coming Friday night at Iota in Arlington with No Second Troy.

So, Olivia, what's the scoop?

"Olivia Mancini and No Second Troy last played together in February of 2009 (I looked it up) and while I couldn't remember the date, I do remember the night as A+ and Awesome. Apparently, if you put in one part "the Mates" and one part "No Second Troy," you come out with "boundless energy," in the words of one enthusiastic local blogger.

I'm expecting a similar chemical reaction on Friday. We'll be presenting another star-studded lineup, featuring the stalwart Kristin Forbes on bass; Sammy Ponzar of the Andalusians and Impossible Hair on drums; Jarrett Nicolay of My New Mixtape and Virginia Coalition on guitar; and my lil' sis', Julia, on backing vocals and killer tambourine."

Sufficiently sold? As mentioned, we have a pair of tickets for tomorrow night's show—but you have to act fast! Submit your plea for the tickets in the comments to this post—with a contact email address!—and we'll choose one winner tomorrow at noon to see the show on us and Olivia.

Make 'em good - and post 'em quickly!

Olivia Mancini & The Mates - The Strangest Things (Mp3)
Olivia Mancini & The Mates - You Right Now (Mp3)
No Second Troy - The Black and White Movie (Mp3)
No Second Troy - Surfacing (Mp3)
Authorized for download!


Anonymous said...

I'll start off the pleading...

I'll give you my top 3 why:

1. Olivia is the coolest!
2. I'll drive down from NYC for the show.
3. I'm first!

Thanks for the downloads.

Billy O ;)
guitar7768 at

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons. Olivia rules, Iota rules; the Kristen and Sammy combo and the sister Mancini combo are a powerful combination of rock combinations.

Anonymous said...

I'm not above begging... I would love to see you live! :)

tomroehl at mac com

Anonymous said...

I'm coming from Richmond, I love NO Second Troy and I'm wearing a pretty dress!

Anonymous said...

I would love tickets to tonight's show at is one of my favorite venues in this area.

You should pick me because...
-I'm a big No Second Troy fan!
-I heard there is going to be a vuvuzela at the show and it may be the only cure for my World Cup fever!(GO USA!!!!!)
-Going to concerts is my favorite thing to do!
-It will make me feel cool.
-I gave you more reasons than the others!


Jon said...

We've chosen a winner - thanks to all who entered!