Thursday, June 3, 2010

TONIGHT: The Caribbean w/Small Sur at The Black Cat

From the City Paper Calendar: "On the surface, the Caribbean could be considered the quietest band that emerged from the wreckage of D.C.’s iconoclastic Smart Went Crazy in the late ’90s, but that description does the quintet a disservice: The group writes songs that are complex and elliptical and often perfectly tangled. It’s spent the last decade churning out breathy, meditative records at a steady clip, producing an impressive discography that’s not without its confrontational moments—its follow-up to 2007’s Populations should drop this year. The band’s singer, Michael Kentoff, is a masterful lyricist with a serious talent for short-form narratives and bemusing set pieces. He’s also, not shockingly, an excellent Twitterer."

The Caribbean is joined tonight by Baltimore's Small Sur and I'm off to pull some records to spin before and in the middle. BYT's John Foster is lugging a crate of vinyl over as well.

So, come by. Say hello...

The Caribbean - The Go From Tactical (Mp3)
The Caribbean - Populations (Mp3)
The Caribbean - Stockhausen Serves Imperialism (Mp3)
Authorized for download!

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