Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TVD's Washington, DC Record Fair Flashbacks

I’ve received quite a few emails and notes in regard to yesterday’s City Paper blog post on the future of TVD in its present incarnation. And actually the answer is – we’re not going anywhere.

Well, wait—that’s only half true. We are moving where the threat of the plug being pulled is removed and where we can offer far more than our present confines will allow. We’ll reestablish ourselves elsewhere with the trappings you’ve come to expect each day...y’know mindless rambling with doses of free shit. That’s the patented formula.

And I’m retaining a tiny bit of optimism that TVD here at Blogger won’t meet a miserable fate and the archives can stay live and subsequently linkable for future postings. I’m proud of some of the stuff we achieved thus far and of some of the writing that may have been a little less mindless than this bit right here.

But this week there are more important fish to fry which is the incessant flogging of the return of the Washington, DC Record Fair this Sunday (5/23) by way of airing out some of the purchases yours truly made at earlier Fairs.

So, in keeping with yesterday’s bit of mystery meat, here’s a sausage made from vinyl scored at last May’s event at Warehouse. Click on through to the other side...

Track 1 (Mp3)
Track 2 (Mp3)
Track 3 (Mp3)
Track 4 (Mp3)
Track 5 (Mp3)

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