Friday, May 21, 2010

TVD's The Ardent Sessions Presents: Parachute Musical

Our experience with the Ardent Sessions was just awful. (Completely joking!)

We had an amazing time. The tour through Stax was incredible. The history behind the place is magical and I felt like some of the good vibes wore off on us for the performance. I know that I personally felt like there was a positive energy to the place.

However, I will say that Tom was sick as a dog that day. Sick with a flu that we all caught just before our next tour. Thanks Tom. The people couldn't have been more hospitable and professional toward us. They gave the run down of how the session was to go down and we felt comfortable with what they were asking of us. I had the privilege of playing on their grand piano, something that rarely happens for me when playing live. I think I can actually count on my hands how many times it's happened.

When we got the recordings back from the show and sent them to some friends we heard a lot of the same comments: you should release this as a live album. We're not really at that stage in the game and have a lot of other material to release, but the quality of the recordings is that good and I would be proud to put that out on the market. I am thankful to their great staff, the wonderful coffee and the wizard store across the street. Thank you for an experience that I will never forget.
—Josh Foster, Parachute Musical

The Ardent Sessions Presents: Parachute Musical | The Vinyl District Podcast [86Mgs] (Mp3)

You can purchase Parachute Musical's latest album Everything is Working Out Fine in Some Town for just $8.99.

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