Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TVD Ticket Giveaway | Allison Moorer w/Jay Farrar, Thursday (6/3) at The Birchmere

"I always like to give people an opportunity to hear a song in the form it was born in. And sometimes with a twist. That's what this recording is about."

...and that's what Allison Moorer's 'Crows' Acoustic EP is all about - a stripped down reimagination of her critically acclaimed Ryko debut, 'Crows.'

To mark its digital release, Allison's hit the road with a tour stop at The Birchmere this coming Thursday night (6/3) with Jay Farrar and as the graphic above imparts - we've got a pair of tickets to put in your hands courtesy of the fine folks at Ryko.

Winning the pair of tickets is simple—in the comments to this post plead your case as to why you're willing to reimagine your Thursday night plans to spend them with Ms. Moorer at The Birchmere—and the most convincing of the bunch sees the show on us!

Remember to leave us some contact info (important!) and we'll notify a winner by 5PM on Wednesday, 6/2.

Allison Moorer - Broken Girl (Mp3)
Authorized for download!


Dr.Pee said...

Allison sweet Allison! I like her "Alternative-country" approach. Apparently she has taken some hard knocks in life with the death of her parents and failed relationships...if there is a bright side, perhaps all those problems have helped her become such an emotional artist!

Anonymous said...

I've seen her 3 times at the Birchmere and haven't been able to see her since 2007. Allison writes and sings of true life in which regular folk, such as myself, can relate. From tear jerking ballads to old fashioned rock 'n roll, Allison shows a spectrum and diversity of genres of music. Plus, she's real easy on the eyes! :)


Marty said...

I am a new HUGE fan. I spotted her talking and performing on Travis Smiley last week, and was awestruck by her talent. Allison's honesty and passion flowed through effortlessly and her beautiful voice compelled me to learn as much as I could about this amazing performer.

I immediatly purchased Crows and have been listening to it since it arrived on Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing her tommorow night at the Birchmere whether I win tickets or not (but I could bring some friends).

Allison now stands high on my personal list of supertalented singer-songwriters along with Lucinda Williams and Chrissie Hynde. I hope she also gets her deserved attention very soon.


Unknown said...

OK folks - remember we need email addresses so we can contact a winner...! Thanks!

Marty said...

Sorry Jon, Marty's email address is marty.bartreau@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

I too have seen Allison perform and she's great. Ceepypop@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Wupac (eugenewu999@aol.com)

Anonymous said...

Who won? I guess not me!

Unknown said...

We have our winner...thanks all!