Thursday, May 6, 2010

TVD 24-Hour Ticket & Vinyl Giveaway | Minus The Bear, Friday (5/7) at the 9:30

I go back to how this whole thing started. Let's just put vinyl into people's hands. They'll recall how cool it is. "The size! The girth!"

...and then give 'em a chance to go see the band live. I mean, that's the formula right? Authenticity.

And man, we have have a window to put both right into your lap. "The size! The... aw - forget it.'s a TVD/Minus The Bear 24-Hour Ticket & Vinyl Giveaway!

Minus The Bear's newest 'Omni' hits the store shelves and other outlets this week and the band plays the 9:30 this Friday (5/7). The confluence of events makes the giveaway math a real no-brainer, right?

But you've gotta act fast! You've got 24 hours to let us know why you should receive 'Omni' on vinyl and the tickets to Friday's show. Plead your case in the comments to this post (with contact info!) and the best of the bunch will be awarded the tickets and the LP.

We're choosing the one winner tomorrow (5/6) at 10AM - so, uh...act fast!

While you're contemplating your brilliant contest entry, head here to grab a free mp3 form 'Omni!'


Joanna D Robertson said...

I need to win these tickets because, though I have done my best to appreciate Minus the Bear, I don't feel I will be fully able to until I've seen them live. Bring on the live guitaring of awesomeness!!!

Josh said...

Never been a fan of MTB... but this is cool.