Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Paul Collins' Vinyl District!

Well, it’s a wrap as they used to say in Hollywood. I sure have had a good time jawing with you about all this stuff that has happened to me at one point or another.

I had no idea when I came out to California when I was just 17 years old what would happen—I was scared shitless and I had only 1 phone number of this girl I used to know and 80 bucks in my pocket. I was determined to make something out of myself and I really wanted to be a rock star. Sometimes it seemed so futile and I had no idea how we could break through all the shit it would take to become famous—the industry was so aloof and impossible to reach. The bands and records we saw in record shops seemed to be made by gods not humans and it seemed impossible for us to ever get included in that world.

Well, we kept at it, and the more they said no, we said yes, and with each set back and defeat we got stronger, we refused to give up no matter how bleak and unrealistic it seemed. Even my own parents were dubious as to the success of what we were trying to do. But we loved music, we loved it to its core, it was the only thing that mattered to us, it was our food and our air, without it we would die.

It was hard place—California in the mid 1970’s—no one gave a shit about us, we were totally insignificant to everyone, we were thrown out of every record store and not one single record company would take our call, except for one, Gregg Shaw at Bomp Records….the same company that will now release my 13th studio album!

We are a living testament to what can happen if you don’t give up, if you follow your dreams no matter how ridiculous they may seem to others, no matter how hard it may be to keep going in the face of all opposition, no matter what the powers to be may have to say….my advice to you my friends, is to keep on rocking!

Thank you for listening in to the musings of your pal…
—Paul Collins, NYC, May 26, 2010

Paul Collins - Afton Place (Mp3)
Paul Collins Beat - This is America (Mp3)
(First time anywhere!
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Anonymous said...

Great series, Paul. I've been a fan for a long time and am really looking forward to the new album. And yes, the record title is perfect!