Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TVD's Red Meat

To extrapolate further from yesterday’s discussion in regard to Google summarily axing blogs with perceived copyright violations, has anyone stopped to consider the one dollar bins all across the globe that were rifled through this past weekend for Record Store Day?

Do you think any of those artists will see a fraction of that one dollar bill in a residual check in their mailbox? Not a chance.

But what that particular vendor made possible was the availability and enhanced awareness of the music to the energized record buying public who just might turn around and purchase a current physical or digital product.

Because it was put under their nose in an environment where more can be bought.

TVD: doing the thinking for corporate morons everywhere.

Untitled #1 (Mp3)
Untitled #2 (Mp3)
Untitled #3 (Mp3)
Untitled #4 (Mp3)
Untitled #5 (Mp3)

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