Friday, April 23, 2010

TVD's The Ardent Sessions Presents: Keegan Dewitt

"When the invitation first came to be part of the Ardent Sessions, there was little to no hesitation. Of course, that's a yes. Ardent had served as a birthing place for so many artists that I revere, love and swear by and I sprung at the chance to be able to spend an evening soaking up the aura of such a special place. In many ways, it was a secret excuse to get to peak inside such a hallowed place. We spent most of our free time wandering around the halls, pulling one another aside to point out cool pieces of the space. In many ways, the toughest part about our trip to Memphis, was feeling like we didn't soil the grounds. How do you not feel a little silly knowing what has proceeded you in those rooms?

We walked from instrument to instrument, hammering out piano notes, running our hands across beautiful vintage gear. Studios are always a fun and childlike place, but this was different.

The most comforting part of all this, was to discover that Ardent was still filled with amazing people. People who really loved music, who were excited by it, loved discovering it, uncovering it. Each person we met that night had a fun glimmer in their eyes. They had been there so much longer than us and you got the sense that it was still fun for them. They loved that place, they loved what it meant to people, and they loved extending that legacy.

As I worked my way through my set, going from guitar to piano, the string players ringing through the room, the drums cracking, I felt like I was getting a unique chance to hear my songs differently. It was like picking up an old acoustic in a guitar store and playing something you've written or hearing your song being played in another room. Somehow, it feels different and fun and exciting.

My only regret is that we didn't have a chance to stay longer. To actually deconstruct some songs, try them with entirely different arrangements. Somehow, using the space, and the experience, to create a truly unique, Ardent-inspired work. We'd love to come back and continue our conversation with that amazing, amazing space."

The Ardent Sessions Presents: Keegan Dewitt | The Vinyl District Podcast [83Mgs] (Mp3)

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