Monday, April 12, 2010

TVD's Alternative Ulcer | Radio CPR's Third Annual Record Sale

If you read this blog, chances are you love vinyl. And music. And the chance to purchase music recorded on vinyl. Well, it would be great if you put that love of spending your hard earned bucks on expanding your record collection to support a good cause. Like your local community-powered radio station.

In DC we have Radio CPR which is, and has been for over a decade, a volunteer-run radio station doing amazing things like giving a voice to the marginalized members of our community and providing thought-provoking programming mixed with a fantastic array of music- all without the help of evil money-driven corporations. Unfortunately, being an awesome volunteer-run, community radio station means funding is hard to come by, which is where you, dear TVD reader and lover of music, come in.

On Saturday, April 24th, Radio CPR will be having its third annual Record Sale from 2 to 6 pm at La Casa, located at 3166 Mt. Pleasant St., NW (between Kenyon and Kilborne). You can hoof it from the Columbia Heights Metro or take the bus (H2, H4, H8, 42, S2, S4, 52, 54, or the DC Circulator). It seriously could not be easier for you to go to this thing, find some great records, and help fund an amazing community-run radio station.

Now, you, lovely reader, being a lover of all things vinyl and music and awesomeness probably have one or two (or ten or twenty) records lying around that you don't want but have been too lazy to put up for sale on Craigslist. Why don't you take those records and BOOKS and CDs and MOVIES and CASSETTE TAPES (yes, I said cassette tapes) and donate them to the Radio CPR's THIRD ANNUAL RECORD SALE.

"BUT KRIIIIS" you're whining, "if I'm too lazy to put them up on Craigslist, what makes you think I'll want to drop them off somewhere. I still have a pile of clothes sitting in the trunk of my car I've been meaning to donate to Good Will for 3 years. And all I have to do is get in and drive!" Well, have NO FEAR, my friends, because Radio CPR will PICK UP your donated items from you! How easy is that?

Donations this year seem to be running much lower than the previous years, which is just UNACCEPTABLE, District of Columbia! (and you! Greater Washington Metro Area!). So seriously if you have anything that you can donate, like that Bruce Willis Return of Bruno album you've been hanging on to since 1987 (I just can't bear to part with mine) or hopefully more amazing things than that, then e-mail and help your local community-powered station fight the good fight!

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