Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Chris Grier's Vinyl District | The Record Store Day Interviews: Why You Will Not Be Listening to The Full Thurston Moore Interview.

Not Today, That Is.

It's a long story, with too much nonsense to go into just yet, but I managed to catch Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore on the road in the car in Massachusetts, listening to, according to him, "bottom-of-the-barrel 'Sister' outtakes" with Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley. Would have been nice to have gotten the interview nailed down one of the two other times I saw him in the past week, in person, with a digital recorder in my jacket pocket, but hey, the watery, craptacular quality of the cobbled-together Skype recording I have here provides a nice contrast with the pristine audio I delivered with the earlier portions of this series. My bad, sorry.

In any event, I've got about a half-hour's worth of audio to whittle down into some semblance or order and intelligibility. But! Jon's webmonkeys have an excerpt for you. Please enjoy. Think of it as an amuse bouche before the 32-oz. porterhouse.

One of the bits I am immediately trimming out occurs not long after my questions ran out of steam and we both got bored with the whole thing, at which point Thurston decided to turn the tables on me. "Hey man, I wanna ask YOU a couple questions." So here, in full, is the transcript of this "interview," because why not, you will never hear it:

TM: Who are all these men in blue pushing me around?

CG: Um, is that a song lyric? I have no idea. Are they cops?

TM: (Pause. Vibe of disappointment hangs thickly in the air.) What's your favorite Crucifucks track?

CG: Oh, man. See that's ... that's not fair, because you've got the drummer in the car with you. It's, um ... I can't really pick one. Can I get the next question?

TM: Who's the most famous music personality you've ever slept with, naked? Besides Tom Smith.

CG: (Sharp intake of air.) Uh ... It's ... This is, um ... Ooh, wow ... I'm a virgin.

TM: You're a virgin?

CG: Yeah, I'm going with that.

TM: Hey, uh, have you ever seen Andrew W.K. naked?

CG: Define naked.

TM: Without the wig.

So there you go, a little taste of the sort of insight and hilarity, &c., you can expect once I edit this puppy down.

Oh, and tomorrow? Nearly an hour's worth of spiel with America's foremost record-collecting badass, Byron Coley.

Until then,

P.S. For the record, I have never slept with Tom Smith. (Naked.)

Chris Grier Interviews Thurston Moore | Excerpt | The Vinyl District Podcast (Mp3)

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